9 September 2011

Carol & Stephen - Kilbrandon Church, Seil & Lunga House Argyll

It was a wet and windy trip to the West Coast during the week to photograph the very small and intimate wedding of Carol & Stephen. I met up with the bride and groom at Lunga House before catching the boat to Seil from Craobh Haven Marina. It was a bumpy and wet ride as the weather closed in with the wind blowing around 35 knots! This didn't deter our adventurous couple, the wetter and windier it got, the bigger their smiles seemed to get. 

It was a great day with Carol & Stephen, I have posted a few of my favourite pictures from the day and a slideshow of more pictures below. 


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  2. Lovely photos - looks like they had a great time, despite the weather!

  3. Thank you Nick great slide show. We really had an amazing day. You did a fantastic job ofour wedding pictures. You caught our emotions a big thank you

  4. What lovely photos! Especially like the one of you two sat down together, where you've got your heels on. You look gorgeous Carol!! love Clare H (work) xx


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