Selina & Marc at Oran Mor Glasgow

Well it was an interesting day last Saturday, it was the first time I had gotten lost following my GPS! Although it registered Selina's postcode, it directed me to the wrong town! I then hit a 30 minute traffic jam on the M8 heading back to Oran Mor just to keep the pressure on.

As it turned Selina & Marc had an amazing day, they are such a lovely couple that even the traffic congestion, the rain and three other wedding parties all having there family portraits taken inside the Kibble Palace at the Botanical Gardens (great organisation Glasgow Council), didn't dampen their spirits, they took it all in their stride.

I have all the photographs from their amazing day at Oran Mor uploaded to my website. If you were a guest on the day and would like to view the photographs, please get in touch.

These are a few of my favourite images taken on the day, if you would like to view a few extra photographs as a slideshow, please click here.