A Destination Wedding in Scotland Organised From Australia

Diary of a Bride - Emilia & Josh at Mar Hall Hotel

Emilia and I were married at Mar Hall Hotel, Glasgow, Scotland. Planning a wedding is a daunting, yet exciting, task for anybody. However, we currently live in Australia, so had the added challenge of planning from overseas. 

We had been to Glasgow the previous year to visit Emilia’s family and had visited Mar Hall as a possible wedding venue. We immediately loved the place. 

One of Nick’s albums had been placed in the foyer at Mar Hall and looking through his photographs only emphasised that this was the place for us.

When we returned home we hit the internet, looking up photographers, emailing bands, asking friends if they knew florists, researching cakes & table settings. We made the decision early on not to use a wedding planner & quickly realised that there are a large number of people out there, but selecting the one for you takes time. Skype is more valuable than you can imagine when you’re on the other side of the world. 

Our florist was a friend of Emilia’s cousins, the band came recommended by a ceilidh group we had met at another wedding. We asked my brother Ben (a very keen photographer) what he though of NDK photography. He already knew of Nick’s work and I don’t think would have let us choose anybody else. Ben lives in America, so Nick’s reputation has definitely travelled some distance.

Our planning moved at quite a pace at first, but slowed as we got to the finer details closer to the wedding date. Making a list of things to complete is a must, even if you don’t follow it closely.

We arrived in Scotland a week before the wedding and set about completing our very long list of last minute tasks. Checking suits (and their sizes!), designing the table layouts (IKEA has never seen such a large purchase of candles and candle holders in their history) and fine-tuning the run-sheet for the day. 

It’s the little things that make the difference; is the iPod charged for dinner music, is there a cable for the iPod. Changing seating arrangements for guests who could not make it at the last minute. Yes there were some hiccups, but nothing that couldn’t be sorted out. And no, the bride doesn’t need to know about them…especially on the day!

The wedding day itself was better than either of us could have imagined. The staff at Mar Hall could not have been more accommodating. We had a string quartet playing during the ceremony and drinks, strawberries and champagne kept the guests entertained and Nick became a ghost seen only from the corner of your eye. Ross our celebrant was brilliant, adding many personal touches to make the ceremony uniquely us. During the reception we had a photobooth for some ridiculous moment and the ceilidh band had everybody on their feet. The band performed an acoustic version of ‘You got the love’ by Florence and the Machine for our first dance. 

One of the most important things to remember on your wedding day is to take a quiet moment, stand back from the crowd, and just admire what you have achieved. Gathering of old friends, of new friends, generations of family. The laughter coming from tables. 

Looking back on the photographs of the day, it amazes me how seamlessly Nick slipped into the crowd, capturing some very special moments. Even now when I look through the photographs, I am again filled with a sense of being back in the room. I can almost feel it. I think this is a testament to the great work that Nick produces.